Build a your own resort, a retiring home or a hotel

The property covers an area of 23.000 sqm (26.000 yards). It is L-shaped and can be accessed from two sides. The front side is 85 m wide. Ideal for the main entrance, parking and a restaurant. The backside is accessable by driving around the corner. A little lane without name. The front there is 26 meters wide.
The property can be split in two plots of 11.500 sqm each.



Splitting the property is possible

If a buyer wants to split the property in two parts – fine with us. The form of the property is L-shaped. The left part (Link to Plot 1) covers an area of 11.500 sqm has its own access road with a street front of 26 meter.
The buyer could also buy the first plot and can get an option for the second plot. Just look on the plan and you catch the idea.