The property is located in the Province Rayong, District Klaeng, Suan Son Beach, just 700 m off the beach road. The area at the beach of Suan Son is rather quiet, just on weekends and holidays local people take advances of the sandy beach.

In this area you'll find many scandinavian people, mostly from Sweden. In the last ten years a number of Swedish resorts have been built by Thai/Swedish investors. Thailand Dream Village and Pailin, just to name two of them.

Our propety covers an area of 14 Rai, (22.900 Sqm). It can be reached directly from the beach road. The property is just 700 m off the beach. The property is  L-shaped and has a 26 m wide second acces from a little lane around the corner. This gives an investor the opportunity to split the property in two smaller halves 7 Rai each. Just look at the map and you catch the idea.

Easy to get there

There is a direct bus connection from the big bus station in Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road (Ekamai) to Ban Phe, the little harbor town with the port to the beautiful island Kho Samet. From Ban Phe you can jump on "Songthaewo" for a few Baht. The route to our property goes along the beach road of Suan Son (Pine Garden)