Care under the palm trees: Health Care, Physio and Reha facility



The luxurious facility covers 23,000 square meters and meets the highest standards. Medical guests are accommodated in modern apartments or houses, surrounded by cultivated, tropic vegetation. The swimming pools covering a total of 1,500 sqm are always in view. Security staff prevent unauthorized persons from entering. Cars are not permitted within the compound but in the provided parking area. The Residencia Health Care Center is located 160 km. south east of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhum airport and 25 km east of the provincial capital of Rayong with its 25,000 inhabitants. From Ban Phe, a small harbor town, known for its embarkation point for the holiday island Kho Samet, to or resort it is 6 kilometers along the picturesque Suan Son Beach, which is lined with seafood restaurants and small beach bars among thousands of pine trees. 




Our guests live in apartments and villas. Altogether we provide 90 apartments and 21 villas. There is a startup construction phase where we build a show house for reference.


Relaunch of website

We have redesigned our website due to the change of our concept from a residence for retired people to a health care facility. The design became responsive and can be displayed better on smartphones and tablets. The design matches now with our brochures. However, the outdated website is still working. Click here: This pages will not be maintained.